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The IDARTES (District Institute of Arts) is an entity of the Colombian government that aims to promote the development of culture and art in the city of Bogotá. On this occasion, through the grant of various capacities for the arts, 50 economic incentives were generated with the purpose of promoting cultural rights, and also encourage artists with disabilities and their coordination with other populations in the artistic and cultural field in Bogota.
In front of this call, Isabel made her respective inscription and participation, where she was selected as a winner in the area of plastic and visual arts with her work "Isa", obtaining a rating of 80.7/100.

In addition, she was selected as a guest artist to be the image of the second international meeting DANCING WITH THE UNIVERSE organized by Manusdea Antropología Escénica that took place in October in Bogotá, Colombia.

"Dancing with the Universe" Second International Meeting of Artistic and Ancestral Expressions of Indigenous Communities, Afro-descendants of Colombia and Asia came with the call of the feminine cosmic force,  around the question about the role of women in ancestral knowledge. From October 14 to 17, different master classes, ancestral knowledge tables, entrepreneurship fair, opening concert, and international guest presentations were held.
At that event, Isabel was not only the image through her latest designs, but she was a participant and panelist interviewed within the event.

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THE VIRGINS OF ISA (Group Exhibition of Religious Art- Chia, Cundinamarca)

II Hall of Religious Art, Spirituality, and Religion.

In this meeting, the artistic trends present at the time and their relationship with spirituality and religion were exposed.

The exhibition covered the works of various artists whose work is linked to a spiritual proposal. In the same way, he showed the artists who perform interpretations, appropriations, and replicas of art that aim at the divine and sacred aspects of religion.

In particular, Isabel presented her work "the virgins of Isa" where the above characteristics are contemplated.



NATIONAL CIRCULATION AWARD (Bernardo Páramo Award-2017)

The Bernardo Páramo Artists Award Salon seeks to promote spaces for professional development and exchange among the artists of the municipality, with the purpose of supporting their talent and creations, all through exhibitions in international galleries, exchanges, national and regional exhibitions that allow the dissemination of their works, sharing knowledge and
creative experiences with other artists.

On this occasion, and due to her excellent work within the exhibition, Isabel obtained the second place with her work entitled "kidnapped," with which she made a contribution to the memory of the conflict from a perspective that evidences and resignifies the Colombian social reality.



Individual Exhibition: Female Cartographies (Hogabiga Library, Chia Cundinamarca)

Exhibition presenting the work "Female Cartographies" as a critical reflection that the artist proposes to our social context, painting women who do not comply with the canons of beauty and fashion imposed by the latest trends in commerce (on female bodies and gender) with the approval of our society, which has been stripped of its dignity and humanity to become "objects of desire", studies on this phenomenon have been widely exposed and recognized by thinkers of all time.

Within the exhibition, Isabel intervened with several works, among them with her piece entitled "woman parading" in which she played the technique pastel and acrylics on reg paper of a size 120x80cms.



Individual Exhibition: "I AM WOMAN"

After being selected in the call "What express women through art" (exhibition in the Colombian Family Welfare Institute ICBF), Isabel was chosen to present her works "I am Woman" in the exhibitions BiblioRed of Bogota, which were available in the public libraries Virgilio Barco, Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Manuel Zapata Olivella, and Gabriel García Márquez.

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