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Articles and texts

Articles and Texts

Article The NY Butoh Institute Festival
By: Juan  Michael Porter
This festival is  the respect that Vangeline commands as an artist and missionary of Butoh. In recent years her audience and recognition have expanded in appreciation of her efforts to bring Butoh into the 21st century.

Article The NY Butoh Institute Festival



video clip


Meritorious Degree Thesis

By: Jessica Ballesteros Gutiérrez

Faculty of Visual Arts

 University Pontifica Javeriana 2017

Inmanente is an interdisciplinary play developed from dance, performance, audiovisual arts and somatic, which explores the body-mind relationship through time alteration that looks for exploration of that static and expanded universe that the desert is, in dialogue with the basis of Butoh Dance as an expressive way.

"Philosophy, Ancient Wisdom and Dance through the Yuruparí myth. Systematization of an educational experience in the locality of Suba"

Meritorious Degree Thesis

By: Sandra Patricia Quiroz, Quiroz

Research Thesis presented as requeriment to obtain: Master degree in Education.

National University of Colombia FHS,  Institute of Educational Research - IEDU Bogotá D.C., Colombia 2016


Philosophy, Ancient Wisdom, Dance, Myth, Yuruparí,

Philosophy, Dance, Ancient wisdom


Laboratorios Escénicos

By: Brenda Polo

Photography: Ernesto Monsalve

"Think with the Dance" Book, published by the Ministry of Culture,  Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and Colciencias, Bogotá 2015. 

Keywords: Research-Creation in  scenic anthropology:  Butoh Laboratories, Ankoku "Dance of Darknes" regarding nature of dreaming and lucid dreams. Memory, archetypes and its symbols. Dance and mind-brain continuum, conscious and unconscious breathing and the unknown unconscious. 


By Brenda Polo

Photography: Ernesto Monsalve

Cultural Magazine Skené

University of Los Andes

Keywords: Ko Murobushi en Bogotá.  La Potencia Oculta de la Memoria. Danza de Posguerra. Taller Butoh. Quick Silver.

 REJANG  "Full Moon Ritual"

By: Brenda Polo

Article Cover Photograph: Fernando Polo

Published by Del Rosario University IIX Latin American Congress about Religion and Ethnicity: Cultural Changes, Conflicts and Religious Transformations.

Keywords: Research in Scenic Anthropology. Female Rituals of Bali-Indonesia. Full Moon Dance. Differences between Rejang Ritual and Rejang Dewa. Symbols and Archetypes of Godess that compose the ritual. 


By Diana Silva

Hands: Brenda Polo

Magazine Aker

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