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Workshops and Laboratories:  Butoh Dance 
Directed by: Brenda Polo
BUTOH Labperfect for artistic residences, dancers, performances, people with disabilities, philosophers, anthropologists and body researchers.  
 Dance Festivals, Chairs, Symposia, Congresses, Conferences, Thesis Advisement .

Butoh Lab proposes a practical and philosophical study of Butoh Dance regarding the BODY and MEMORY. Butoh invite us meeting these body and soul positions unknown for us. One the one hand, this exploration shows the little that contemporary man knows about himself, about what is happening inside, so Butoh the darkness of Butoh is nothing but the necessity of doing this trip to our deep places and recognize what still remains savage, irreverent, indomitable and real of the memory.  On the other hand, it is characterized by being the dance of the constant change in the middle of the collapse of ideas and esthetic elements of those established concepts by cultural, familiar and ideological heritage. It is not necessary having previous experience in dance. 

Bharatanatyam Indian Dance
Aimed to: Eventos corporativos, talleres para personal empresarial, pausas activas,
 bailarines e interesados en la danza
Directed by: Nicole Tenorio
Workshop and Practice:  Female Rituals
Aimed to: Girls and young women, Active Breaks, Schools, Universities, Congresses, Symposia and Conferences. 
 Directed by: Brenda Polo

This proposal has as a main objective to start a group of girls, teenagers or adult women in the knowledge of their rights, female body's recognition and their social role, through female archetypes from India, Egypt and Indonesia, their dances, myths, rites and symbologies in comparison with the ancestral cosmogonies of our country.

Oriental Dance
Aimed to: Company events, workshops for local staff, active breaks, dances and interested in dance. 
Directed by: Claudia Moreno

Raks Shaki, known in East as "Belly Dance", is a millenarian dance. It has its origin in Egypt, where people danced it in the temples as part of the cult of human and earth fertility as well as worship of the gods. Commonly it is executed by just one single dances with soft and fluid movements, separating the different parties of the body. Arms has a different rhythm from hips, which is covered by a veil, where attention is mainly focused. Belly makes quick and slow movements, emphasizing abdominal muscles, chest and shoulders movements as well as snake arms. It was created mainly as fertility dance in the Ancient Egypt, its evolution includes contemporary dance movements. A branch of this dances is also successfully applied to Dance Therapy.

Workshop and mentoring:  Mudras for smart hands
Aimed to: Entrepreneurs, executives, administrative staff, service staff. 
Directed by: Brenda Polo
Mudra is a concept that makes reference to those gestures made by hands and that obey to emotive states of a person when is normally expressing, reveling what feels inside. This non-verbal gestures of our body are authentic and can contradict our speech. This module of Mudras offers a practice that integrates Mediation in Action with hand gestures which can be applied to relieve and overcome physical disorders in the mood-mind area, recovering strength, overcoming the past, improve interpersonal relationships. Obtaining an effective communication. All of this affects the way we are perceived by others, which it can determinate when doing business, teaching or transmitting knowledge in the classrooms, public speaking or giving a client information. There are so many situation in which we need to control our body language, e.g. meetings with staff members, clients, bosses and above all, job interviews. A good use of the non-verbal communication will facilitate our message and capture the action of the other party, contributing to our success.
Workshop and practice:  Yoga
Aimed to: Entrepreneurial Staff active breaks beginner, pregnant women.
 Directed by: Brenda Polo
We built reality from the inside and not the other way round, from the outside to the inside. Our thoughts, our emotions, the way of perceiving the world comes from your inside. That's what I call "Endogenesis"
R. Llínás

The principal benefits of the practice of regular yoga are manifested in the physical, mental and emotional level. Practicing with your children strengthen those affective bonds in the family, it help us to control stress and enhance our productive capacity on a profesional level and it is ideal for pregnant women and elderly people. Some benefits are: physical and mental attitude all year round, weight loss, stress relief, inner peace, major immunity, more energy, better relationships, opening of the conscience, flexibility and intuition, mind quietening and capacity of taking assertive choices. Yoga is partially understood as a limited practice to physical gestures (asanas). From this perspective, its utility is perceived only on a physical level by being unnoticed those benefits that Yoga offer by looking for an union and balance between the body, mind, and breath. It is evident when one is in harmony, path of life becomes easier to road so you are happy and can fully enjoy the distinct aspects and relationships of life.

Events and Workshop:  Laugh Yoga 
Aimed to: Entrepreneurial Staff, active breaks, hospitals and geriatric residences.
Directed by: Claudia Moreno

Laugh Yoga looks for making people laugh just like they do it in childhood. In this way people can release unhealthy emotions that have been taken them out of balance. The importance of this kind of technique lays on establishing a counterweight against stress and so, avoiding the development of associated diseases derivative mainly from an accelerated rate of life. Those malaises the tension makes are: heart disease, anxiety, depression, insomnia, stomach diseases or hypertension, among others. All these inconveniences affect the mental and physical performance, thus it is indispensable neutralize them. Laugh Yoga represents an other option due to it collects Yoga benefits.

Aimed to: Plastic and scenic artists, Artistic Residences, companies, active breaks.
Directed by: Ernesto Monsalve


Ernesto Monsalve Pino has 40 years in Photography. He controls the analogous to digital by photographing works of national and international recognized plastics artists, as well as accredited art collections, museums and galleries for catalogues, inventories and publications. He has participated in multiple projects of restoration photographic surveillance of the national plastic and architectonic heritage. He led the department of photography in the Bogotá Museum of Modern Art -MAMBO during 18 years. His professional experience includes photography in the area of scenic and audiovisual, plastic and entrepreneurial arts. His path has let him produce an iconographic file of importance in the history of the Colombian photography.

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