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Desco No Cido

The Last News

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Director: Brenda Polo

Assistant Director: Jessica Ballesteros

Producer: Fernando Polo

Artists, Academics and invited Scientists:

Ko Murobushi, Dancer. Consuelo Pabón, Philosopher. José Jairo Giraldo, Physicist. Juan

Fernando Polo, Plastic Artist. Roberto Amador, Neuroscientist. Ricardo Toledo, Art Theorist.

Photography and Video: Ernesto Monsalve


Place: Center of Memory, Peace and Reconciliation

Agenda: Caribbean Festival, Forum for Peace, Workshop, Butoh Laboratories, Discussions

and Performances.

Organized by: Manusdea Antropología Escénica

Supported by: Caribbean Festival. Bogotá Humana. High Counseling for Victims, Peace

and Reconciliation. Memory Center Peace and Reconciliation. Idartes The Saison Foundation

and K-Kunst

Forum: Art and Culture for Peace

Colombia-Japan Cultural Exchange 2013

Direction and Choreography: Ko Murobushi

Name: "The Last News"


Ko and Edge Co. and Manusdea: Performed Educational and Cultural Exchange Japan-Colombia

Artistic Residence:   Kaori Seki , Maximo Castro , Alejandro Ladino , Teita Iwabuchi , Yo Nakamura , Tomoko Fujiyosi , Yamada Arihiro , Naho Hori , Jorge Bernal , Brenda Polo , Misako Tanaka and Lorena Bedoya .


Photography and video:   Ernesto Monsalve

Producer:   Ko and Edge co and K-Kunst- Kimiko Watanabe

Agenda: Art residence at Morishita Studio and Presentation The Last News at the Cervantes Cultural Center Tokyo. Outside Festival at the Red Brick Theater city Yokohama. Discussion about the Philosophy of Butoh, Fukushima and the dangers of Nuclear Energy.  Improvisation sessions.

Supported by: Embassy of Colombia in Tokyo. Cervantes Cultural Center Tokyo. The Saison Foundation.

Year of establishment: 2013

Encuentros Con Yuruparí


Researcher: Sandra Patricia Quiroz

Tutor and Choreographer: Brenda Polo

Students of 10th and 11th grade: Delia Zapata Olivella District School (Suba)

Pedagogical Project: Impact of the Mythical Archetype of the Yuruparí on contemporary adolescents.Wisdom of the Body and Memory, Dance and Word.


Realization: Carolina Rojas

Place: Colegio Delia Zapata Suba

Agenda:  Workshops and Scenic Laboratories. School Outings  

Staging and choreography. Discussions and performances.

Production and Organization: Sandra Patricia Quiroz

"Through this writing we will consider the link "Ancestral Philosophy - Knowledge / Myth-Dance" (F·S·D by its Spanish initials) from a pedagogical, philosophical and artistic perspective. Additionally, analyzing if and in what sense this ancestral mythical knowledge can be considered as a factor of link between dance and philosophy, specifically within the current Colombian educational system in urban contexts. From a pedagogical point of view, we will point out some features of the current context of the teaching of philosophy and ethno-education in the Colombian educational curriculum, as well as the challenges and opportunities that could be generated by an interdisciplinary proposal that links Philosophy-Ancestral Knowledge / Myth-Dance. From a philosophical point of view, we will reflect on the points of connection in the triple link: Philosophy-Dance, Dance-Myth, Myth-Philosophy. From an artistic point of view, we will identify the favorable factors and lessons learned in the development of the interdisciplinary project Impact of the mythical archetype of the Yuruparí in contemporary young people."


Master's Degree in Social Sciences Education-Line (National University of Colombia) Quiroz S. P. 2016

Supported by: National Scholarship for Pedagogy in Dance Research, Ministry of Culture 2013

Play: "Desco No Cido"
Dance: Brenda Polo

Sound Design: Nicole Tenorio

Photography and video:  Ernesto Monsalve

Producer:   Fernando Polo

Keywords:  Scenic Anthropology. Butoh Laboratories (Ankoku) "Dance of Darkness" in regards to the nature of dreams and lucid dreams. The archetypes and their symbols. The dance and the continuous mind-brain, conscious breathing and the unknown unconscious.

This play is a research-creation project in Butoh Dance.  Research advances published in the book "Pensar con la Danza". Memories of the Second National Congress of Dance Research. Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.  Ministry of Culture and Colciencias 2015.

"Desco No Cido"

Year of establishment 2012

"Desco No cido" is the memory that resists and insists, in the territories of body and mind. Memory of the rupture, the break, the fold. Death and   dream, the edge of the individual in her own resilience. It is collective archetype, crisis and metamorphosis.

Director: Ko Murobushi

Choreography: Ko Murobushi Dea 1

Choreography: Anoxia / Ko Murobushi, Jorge Bernal, Máximo Castro

Name: "The Last News"
Dance: Jorge Bernal, Tatiana Moreno, Máximo Castro, Lorena Bedoya, Alejandro Ladino, Brenda Polo.


Photography and video:   Ernesto Monsalve

Producers:   Fernando Polo and Kimiko Watanabe

Legal Representative: Fernando Polo

Organized by: Manusdea Antropología Escénica

The project arises from a research-creation proposal led by Manusdea, which has the purpose of sponsoring the artistic and creative training of 5 young people and a researcher interested in Butoh Dance, residents in Bogotá city for a period of 3 consecutive years, 2011-2013. In this way, The Last News Dance Group is created, lead by Ko Murobushi.

Review of the play

Inspired by the song "The Last News" by the Japanese poet, Yosuie Inonue, it is a choreography composed of two dances, DEAD 1 and ANOXIA. Premiered at the Teatro La Castellana on November 22th 2011 in Bogotá, with presentations in different theaters and unconventional spaces such as: Municipal Theater of the City of Sogamoso, Performance Festival "Fall and Recovery ·" held at the MAMBO Bogota Museum of Modern Art, Sextante Gallery, "Me Gusta" Festival of the Casa Ensamble, Bogota's District Libraries: Tunal, Tintal and Virgilio Barco, Salitre Plaza Shopping Center, and Festival of Alternative Theater of Bogotá 2012.Cultural Center Cervantes Tokyo and Out Side Festival Yokohama 2013.

Theme: The conception of the play (Text by Ko Murobushi)


" The body is abandoned, locked and circumcised. Because of this, human being will always be a foreign country. Our encounters are determined by destiny ... We are the cut, we are dancers of the edge that finally crash and become a thousand pieces. The body as such - stripped of all meaning - can not be named, but appears as a mere figure, created by himself: a double of the body beyond all time limits. Just like a joke . "

Sponsorship: Manusdea Antropología Escénica and K-Kunst, The Saison Foundation.


Year of establishment: 2011


Chaturanga Hamlet 

General Director: Carlos Guerrero

Academic and Investigative Coordination: Maria Cristina Tavera

Researcher and Choreographer: Brenda Polo


Photography and Video: Ernesto Monsalve

Producer: Guerrero Arts Academy

Project:   The Art of diversity, diversity in Art.An approach to disability from the lens of its protagonists.  Made with young people from the Arts and Special Talents program.

Place: Teatro Libre and Zona T Bogotá, Ágora.

Agenda: Scenic Labs, Pedagogic Outings, Cinema, Art and Performances.

Supported by: National Research Scholarship Program Stimuli Ministry of Culture. Awarded to the Guerrero Arts Academy 2011. 

Year of establishment: 2011-2012

Butoh Dance Documentary

Director: Lavinia Fiori and Brenda Polo

Choreography: Ko Murobushi

Photography: Ernesto Monsalve

Quill Drawing: Brenda Polo

Reporter:  Maya Mazzoldi

Guests: Nohemí Pérez, Juan Manuel Echavarría, María Victoria Uribe, Juan Monsalve  

Producer: Fernando Polo

Genre: Documentary




In the documentary we see how different actors of the Colombian society (actors, dancers, plastic artists, writers, anthropologists, sociologists, biologists, philosophers, teachers and students) look for a personal transmutation starting by collective experimental exercises  with the body, such as the first territory of the individual and the memory of a J.Doe, along with the dance master Ko Murobushi while creating a social fabric of active, dynamic and proactive people in the reconstruction of their own human dignity. This journey introduces the neophyte in the history of Butoh, its technique and philosophy. It makes us reflect why Butoh in Colombia. The documentary shows the process and development of the escenic lab and the interventions on a public space made by the participants from different universities and public libraries in Bogotá. Also, it collects some opinions of the participants and general public.


Supported by: Japan Foundation and K-Kunst 


Year of establishment: 2010-2011

Female Rituals

Director: Brenda Polo

Assistant Director and Songs: Nicole Tenorio

Dance Therapy: Claudia Moreno

Mandalas drawing: María Cristina Bejarano

Aimed to: Girls and young women.

Schools: San José Sur Oriental, San Isidro South East, José Aldemar Rojas

Photography: Ernesto Monsalve

Producer and Legal Representative: Fernando Polo


The project seeks to encourage and stimulate the multiple intelligences that provide basic tools to promote knowledge and cognitive, emotional and communicative skills through art. Promoting the Women Rights, (Colombian Laws that protect them against any form of gender violence). Participants can explore their own feminine nature, their individuality, their physical condition, kinesthetic through dances and female rites of ancestral heritage (cosmogonies indigenous) in intercultural dialogue.

Supported by: District Secretary of Education, Health Program to the College

The Capriole of the King

Year of establishment: 2010

Research and Direction: Brenda Polo

Choreography: Sally Anne Friendlan

Producer: Fernando Polo

Visual Proposal: Ernesto Monsalve

Scenography: Ximena Duque

Musical Direction: Juan Sebastián Monsalve


Place: Félix Restrepo Auditory Javeriana University . Teatro Roberto Arias Pérez Colsubsidio

Agenda: Workshop-Staging.CETRE Discussions  Del Rosario University. Performances.

Supported by: Israeli Embassy in Colombia. Philarmonica Orchestra of Bogotá. Academia de Artes Guerrero. Amigos de Israel.



Born from Aguas Bachué

Year of establishment: 2008

Direction and Choreography: Brenda Polo

Dancer: Alín Calderón and Brenda Polo

Scenography: Chona Kasana

Producer: Fernando Polo

Visual Proposal: Ernesto Monsalve

Original Soundrack: Juan David Castaño

This play was reviewed on the book “AGUA Fuentes en Bogotá”. It participated in the scenic and visual proposal  titled Clepsidras Gota a Gota, winner project of the Call Ciudad y Patrimonio 2007. Made by the Clepsidra consortium: Clara Inés Ángel Casas, researcher, and Maria Isabel Recamán de Uribe, museologist and museographers.

Sita Mujer Tierra 

Year of establishment: 2008

In Colombia: “ Sexual violence against indigenous women as a war strategy”


SITA MUJER TIERRA”, Creation in World Rhythms and Traditions Scholarship (2007) “we want to expose the mythic relation of “Sita” with the most outstanding moments of the myth EL RAMAYANA in analogy with the possession of the land in the present of farmers and indigenous and the eternal conflict for land reclamation. The hero “Rama” represents these men waging an epic battle to recover their lands, their beloved woman. “Sita”, wife of “Rama” is kidnapped by the demon “Ravana”. This character represents those multinational companies which explode the sacred lands of our indigenous people, by harvesting transgenic seeds and finishing the natural resources of many Colombian ethnic groups deeply rooted with territories currently in conflict due to mining and oil. The play is composed by 4 moments: Born, Hymenaeus, Abduction and Rescue. The music is a selection of Western sounds."


Place:  Delia Zapata Theatre, Bogotá Museum of Modern Art MAMBO, Mario Laserna Auditory, University of Los Andes, Biblored Red of Public Libraries Bogotá.

Supported by: Creation in World Rhythms and Traditions Scholarship, Secretariat of Culture, Recreation and Sports 2007.

Direction and Choreography: Brenda Polo
Dance: Nicole Tenorio
Visual Proposal: Guillermo Santos
Producer: Fernando Polo
Photography and Video: Ernesto Monsalve



Vereda Resguardo Bajo. Sector Baticola. Finca Refugio de Alta Gracia. Choachí - Cundinamarca.



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