Desco No Cido

Photo Gallery  Desco No cido 2012-2017

The play is a research-creation project of the body's and mind's dynamics, which explores existence through the memory's territory in a context of war and post-war in Colombia. 

These memories resist and insist on the rupture, the breakage, the fold, even in the memory of the dream.

Through the play, dancer explores the edge of the individual in his own physical and collective resilience, expressing crisis and metamorphosis of the meat.

The research consisted of recycling dreamlike material, as an attempt to approach to the line that separates what is conscious known of the unconscious unknown. 

This dance is not a representation, but a state of mind and body, which starts with emptying of the self, emptying of thoughts, of personal identity. 

This forgetfulness of oneself is let us to sink into the "original darkness" of consciousness in order to allow an unknown entity to emerge that inhabits the archaic and primitive memory.

The play is conceived as a piece in permanent change, obeying the future of Butoh itself that does not intend to be completed.

The research of this piece was published in the book "Pensar con la danza" (Thinking with Dance). Editors: Ministry of Culture, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and Colciencias, Bogotá 2015.

Project: "Desco No cido"
Research and Choreography: Brenda Polo
Sound Design: Nicole Tenorio
Photography: Ernesto Monsalve, Pablo Rincón, Elizabeth López, Mathías Quintero, Daniela Hoyos. Ángela Córdoba. Jessica Ballesteros.
Producer: Fernando Polo


Vereda Resguardo Bajo. Sector Baticola. Finca Refugio de Alta Gracia. Choachí - Cundinamarca.



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