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Hotbed Of Research

Since the ancestral knowledge that make up the Intangible Cultural Heritage (PCI) are in danger of extinction due to a series of phenomena of different nature in Colombia, among which the acculturation produced by the strong imposition of a unique culture through the mass media in the midst of globalization and the displacements and rigors imposed by the armed conflict in Colombia, the need arises to generate the propitious conditions so that the grandparents, knowers, artists, guardians of the traditions, sow the seeds of the myths, the rites, the cosmovisions, the songs, the dances, the music, the uses and patterns of the fabric , the symbols and patterns of ethnic body painting, in the imaginary of the new generations. In order to care for the Intangible Cultural Heritage, it is vitally important that there is a true intergenerational dialogue in which the imaginary and memory of the peoples are protected, where ethnic diversity, which shapes our identity as a nation, passes to the new generations of Colombians. With the purpose of safeguarding such knowledge we want to create suitable spaces, specially prepared so that these seeds germinate, with the best conditions and care. We are interested in the growth and diffusion of such knowledge.


"The seed is the right place to have seed start its first phase of development. Then the plant will grow and will be transplanted to the definitive terrain"

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