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Art and Science, two branches of the same Tree

About Us

Who we are and what we do




Is a non-profit association of independent researchers that creates artistic works, laboratories, workshops and scenic research, writing articles, books, art exhibitions, among other activities. It promotes painting, photography, music and poetry, documentaries, short films and  feature films in association with public and private companies so they can be used as teaching and pedagogical material in the dissemination of scientific experiences and artistic manifestations in intercultural dialogue.

Brenda Polo

"Get up Manusdea in the arms of Roldan, that is where the Chichirichote comes, wrapped in the alcompram. If you don't get up, the Tabinkuntan, the Tabinkuntan will take you."


Nicole Tenorio

Manusdea represents a space for intercultural dialogue, a platform for the study and conservation of the arts.

General Coordinator and Management



Our vision is defined by establishing strategic alliances with national and international experts and so develop interdisciplinary projects in Arts and Sciences, which enables us achieve the safeguarding, appropriation, teaching and dissemination of Colombia's intangible cultural heritage in its ethnic diversity, its historical memory and  environment.


All this in a close connection with the social and academic context from an intercultural perspective by using ancestral and avant-garde ways to communicate and promote that knowledge.



As a committed organization with its work, MAE looks forward accomplish with these aims: 


  • Safeguard the intangible cultural heritage of the communities, their knowledge, uses, techniques and tools, including those sacred natural spaces and territories. 


  • Research and promote those artistic expressions and their representations, such as cosmogonies, myths, rituals, ceremonies, dances, which recreate and keep alive these traditions while establish links with the collective memory of the communities.


  • Transmit and revitalize through non-formal education respect for their environment and interaction with nature, their history and ethnicity contributing to cultural diversity and human creativity.

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