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Unforgettable phrases Ko Murobushi

When the master said: "concentrate all your energy and breath during the crisis because you are going to imagine, take the dangerous step of sand, if you get distracted your whole body disintegrates" The image had such force in my imagination that I could even take the step and feel the vertigo.

Photos taken by: Ernesto Monsalve Pino

Drawings by: Brenda Polo


Butoh, Neuroscience and Somatics

Did you know that there are approximately 86 billion neurons in the human brain and the Milky Way has between 200 and 400 million?


Dr Roberto Amador, Neurocientifico

Dr José Jairo Giraldo, Físico Teórico

Directed: Brenda Polo Manusdea Antropologia Escénica



Information: 3012777359

Supported by: Teatro de la Memoria

Research-Creation Semillero

Butoh, Neuroscience and Somatics.

Research-Creation Semillero de investigación-Creación

Butoh, Neuroscience and Somatics.

48 certified hours.

Registration at the following link:


The seedbed proposes an exploratory inquiry between butoh practice and the emotional capacity of people to transform themselves.



Dra Laura Guio, Neuropediatra

Dr Roberto Amador, Neurocientifico

Dr José Jairo Giraldo, Físico cuántico
Directed by Brenda Polo, Butoh Dancer

Yuruparí, retratos de un pueblo.

As mentioned in señal memoria "yuruparí, la serie de la otra Colombia" was created by Gloria Triana Varón, a sociologist with a background in anthropology, anthropology allowed her to expand and relate the direct interaction with the communities, which is why she launched 64 episodes of a cultural journey; Triana was based on capturing the Colombia that many of us do not know, that Colombia where there are different ways of relating to the world of rituals and the ancestral in the different territories.

Today viewers are familiar with the rituals and traditions of the different territories of the country, which are practiced since time immemorial, because for Triana it was not enough to know the Colombian popular culture with its traditions, for this reason, for her it was necessary to show how these festivals and manifestations integrate a complex within societies, which at the time were being captured through a camera.

In relation to the above, this documentary has a value in the heritage and culture of the country, which is why RTVC together with the University of the Andes, will be making an exhibition from April 6 to May 19, carrying out three important approaches, which are: the manifestations and cultural beliefs of some regions of Colombia; the sociological and ethnographic perspective of the communities represented and their parties, and the cinematographic and artistic quality of the audiovisual and photographic production.

"Without crisis there is no evolution".

This experience is for you!

Research-Creation Seminar on Butoh Dance 48 certified hours, with the participation of Dr. Roberto Amador Neuroscientist and Dr. José Jairo Giraldo theoretical physicist specialized in quantum physics.

Organizers: Brenda Polo Manusdea Antropología Escénica supported by: Teatro de la Memoria

If you are interested, do not forget to register at the following link:



Questions and concerns: 3012777359

Write to us:



Today I will share with you some details that inspired and gave life to the work entitled "Desco No cido" which was made from 7 archetypal dreams, which were written, dated and drawn.


If you want to know more, I invite you to watch the video clip "Butoh Dance Desco No cido Retrospective.


And for those who study the body, I leave you the link to the Research-Creation article:


Drawings: By Brenda Polo

Photos taken by: Ernesto Monsalve

A Manusdea 2012 production


Creation of Butoh Neuroscience and Somatics.


This project seeks to generate a meeting of artistic and scientific perspectives aimed at investigating the effects that emotional states of crisis have on the brain and the subject.

Understanding "crisis" as a theoretical-practical principle that tells us about unsuspected alterations of the reality of the already known world.

"Without crisis there is no evolution".

Photos taken by: Ernesto Monsalve Pino

For more information you can write to the following number: +57 3012777359

This experience is for you!



What the public generally does not know, how the plays are made here the backstage.

The result of this research creation in Butoh dance, was the first Spanish-language documentary produced in Bogota, Colombia entitled "The Hidden Power of Memory" which collects the practical and philosophical teachings of the master Ko Murobushi.

Directed by: Lavinia Fiori and Brenda Polo.

A realization of Manusdea Antropología Escénica.

If you are interested in learning more about the documentary, we invite you to access the following link:


By: Brenda Polo

"Because every crisis incubates its own metamorphosis" B.P.

Video by: Ernesto Monsalve Pino


Directed since 2013 by Brenda Polo

ButohLab: It is a space for the exploration of the structures of the body and mind.

Dancers, anthropologists and scholars of human sciences, among others, have participated in it. The research and creation processes carried out during this time have served for the transformation of emotions and self-knowledge.

Photos taken by: Ernesto Monsalve Pino


If you are studying Cultural Management, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Social Communication, Graphic Design and Animation, Modern Languages and you are a senior student and want to do an academic INTERNSHIP that will prepare you for the working life, this call is for you!

Methodology: Mixed (blended).
Duration: One semester.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to write us!
Cell: 3012777359

Information of interest:

- The internship is unpaid.

- Manusdea will provide a tutor to the student to guide their academic process.

- It also provides a certification upon completion of the internship.

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