"Piano de la Selva-Tambor del Mar"

Auditorium Fabio Lozano

University Jorge Tadeo Lozano

Friday, March 8,  7 to 9 pm

Address: a 22-98, Cra. 4 #222, Bogotá


Connoisseurs and Artists Invited

Eustiquia Amaranto

Living legend of the Bullerengue

Emilsen Pacheco 

Gold Drummer

      Inés Granja         

The Voice of the Marimba

Absalón Sinisterra

Recognized in the Marimba de Chonta

"Piano de la Selva -Tambor del Mar" is a unique encounter, among great masters of traditional expressions of African heritage. They are the very voice of the diaspora here in Colombia. It is historic, because it is the first time that these two oceans will be together in the same scenario.


With this bonus you promote the safeguarding of the ancestral knowledge of Afro-Colombian communities.

 Students UTADEO and UEAN         $12.000 

Students from other Universities     $15.000

      General                                            $ 30.000       


Vereda Resguardo Bajo. Sector Baticola. Finca Refugio de Alta Gracia. Choachí - Cundinamarca.



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