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Director: Brenda Polo

Assistant Director: Jessica Ballesteros

Producer: Fernando Polo

Artists, Academics and invited Scientists:

Ko Murobushi, Dancer. Consuelo Pabón, Philosopher. José Jairo Giraldo, Physicist. Juan

Fernando Polo, Plastic Artist. Roberto Amador, Neuroscientist. Ricardo Toledo, Art Theorist.

Photography and Video: Ernesto Monsalve


Place: Center of Memory, Peace and Reconciliation

Agenda: Caribbean Festival, Forum for Peace, Workshop, Butoh Laboratories, Discussions

and Performances.

Organized by: Manusdea Antropología Escénica

Supported by: Caribbean Festival. Bogotá Humana. High Counseling for Victims, Peace

and Reconciliation. Memory Center Peace and Reconciliation. Idartes The Saison Foundation

and K-Kunst

Forum: Art and Culture for Peace

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