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Bullerengue Seedbed

Singer and composer leader of the Brisas de Urabá group in the municipality of Turbo, land of African heritage. Midwife of the Bullerengue in Colombia, being honored in all the national festivals and respected by the bullerenguera community of the country, not only for her age, she is the most important active singer, but for the immaterial knowledge involved in her memory for the art of poetizing the daily events of their customs and their history as a people.

Master of the cheerful drum, singer, composer and dancer, current leader of an important bullerenguera dynasty family of fishermen, boxers and musicians arrived from Bolívar al Urabá several generations ago, his maternal grandmother Serafina Medrano was a drummer and singer of the island of Barú and his mother Márgara Blanco, the last of the heads of the "bullerenguera tradition" of San Juan de Urabá.


Intensive workshop: Piano de la Selva-Tambor del Mar

  • Place: Jorge Tadeo Lozano University

  • Auditorium Fabio Lozano

  • Hours: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm.


  • UTADEO and EAN students

    • Half day $ 30,000

    • Full Day $ 40,000

  • Students Other institutions 

    • Half day $ 40,000

    • Full Day $ 60,000

  • General public

    • Half day $ 60,000

    • Full Day $ 80,000


11-12 and 13 of MARCH

  • Place: Aula Múltiple, Módulo 20

  • Address: Calle 26A #4-49, Bogotá.

  • Hours: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


  • UTADEO and EAN students 

    • Three days $ 80,000

  • Students Other institutions

    • Three days $ 100,000

  • General public

    • Three days $ 150,000

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