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2012 - 2011

Chaturanga Hamlet 

Year of establishment: 2011-2012

General Director: Carlos Guerrero

Academic and Investigative Coordination: Maria Cristina Tavera

Researcher and Choreographer: Brenda Polo

Photography and Video: Ernesto Monsalve

Producer: Guerrero Arts Academy

Place: Teatro Libre and Zona T Bogotá, Ágora.

Agenda: Scenic Labs, Pedagogic Outings, Cinema, Art and Performances.​


The Art of diversity, diversity in Art.An approach to disability from the lens of its protagonists.  Made with young people from the Arts and Special Talents program.

Supported by:

National Research Scholarship Program Stimuli Ministry of Culture. Awarded to the Guerrero Arts Academy 2011. 

Female Rituals

Director: Brenda Polo

Assistant Director and Songs: Nicole Tenorio

Dance Therapy: Claudia Moreno

Mandalas drawing: María Cristina Bejarano

Aimed to: Girls and young women.

Schools: San José Sur Oriental, San Isidro South East, José Aldemar Rojas

Photography: Ernesto Monsalve

Producer and Legal Representative: Fernando Polo

The project:

Seeks to encourage and stimulate the multiple intelligences that provide basic tools to promote knowledge and cognitive, emotional and communicative skills through art. Promoting the Women Rights, (Colombian Laws that protect them against any form of gender violence). Participants can explore their own feminine nature, their individuality, their physical condition, kinesthetic through dances and female rites of ancestral heritage (cosmogonies indigenous) in intercultural dialogue.

Supported by:

District Secretary of Education, Health Program to the College

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