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2011 - 2010


Butoh Dance Documentary

Year of establishment: 2010-2011

Director: Lavinia Fiori and Brenda Polo

Choreography: Ko Murobushi

Photography: Ernesto Monsalve

Quill Drawing: Brenda Polo

Reporter:  Maya Mazzoldi

Guests: Nohemí Pérez, Juan Manuel Echavarría, María Victoria Uribe, Juan Monsalve  

Producer: Fernando Polo

Genre: Documentary​

Supported by: Japan Foundation and K-Kunst 

In the documentary we see how different actors of the Colombian society (actors, dancers, plastic artists, writers, anthropologists, sociologists, biologists, philosophers, teachers and students) look for a personal transmutation starting by collective experimental exercises  with the body, such as the first territory of the individual and the memory of a J.Doe, along with the dance master Ko Murobushi while creating a social fabric of active, dynamic and proactive people in the reconstruction of their own human dignity. This journey introduces the neophyte in the history of Butoh, its technique and philosophy. It makes us reflect why Butoh in Colombia. The documentary shows the process and development of the escenic lab and the interventions on a public space made by the participants from different universities and public libraries in Bogotá. Also, it collects some opinions of the participants and general public.

The Capriole of the King

Year of establishment: 2010

Research and Direction: Brenda Polo

Choreography: Sally Anne Friendlan

Producer: Fernando Polo

Visual Proposal: Ernesto Monsalve

Scenography: Ximena Duque

Musical Direction: Juan Sebastián Monsalve

Place: Félix Restrepo Auditory Javeriana University . Teatro Roberto Arias Pérez Colsubsidio



Workshop-Staging.CETRE Discussions  Del Rosario University. Performances.

Supported by:

Israeli Embassy in Colombia. Philarmonica Orchestra of Bogotá. Academia de Artes Guerrero. Amigos de Israel.

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