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Sita Mujer Tierra 

Year of establishment: 2008

In Colombia: “ Sexual violence against indigenous women as a war strategy”


SITA MUJER TIERRA”, Creation in World Rhythms and Traditions Scholarship (2007) “we want to expose the mythic relation of “Sita” with the most outstanding moments of the myth EL RAMAYANA in analogy with the possession of the land in the present of farmers and indigenous and the eternal conflict for land reclamation. The hero “Rama” represents these men waging an epic battle to recover their lands, their beloved woman. “Sita”, wife of “Rama” is kidnapped by the demon “Ravana”. This character represents those multinational companies which explode the sacred lands of our indigenous people, by harvesting transgenic seeds and finishing the natural resources of many Colombian ethnic groups deeply rooted with territories currently in conflict due to mining and oil. The play is composed by 4 moments: Born, Hymenaeus, Abduction and Rescue. The music is a selection of Western sounds."


Place:  Delia Zapata Theatre, Bogotá Museum of Modern Art MAMBO, Mario Laserna Auditory, University of Los Andes, Biblored Red of Public Libraries Bogotá.

Supported by: Creation in World Rhythms and Traditions Scholarship, Secretariat of Culture, Recreation and Sports 2007.


Direction and Choreography: Brenda Polo
Dance: Nicole Tenorio
Visual Proposal: Guillermo Santos
Producer: Fernando Polo
Photography and Video: Ernesto Monsalve
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