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She was born in Cali-Valle Colombia in 1983, with Asperger syndrome. Her interest in art began at an early age where she began to cultivate the seed of art and the desire to undertake as a professional artist.

She graduated from the Academia de Artes Guerrero, as a plastic artist, with a meritorious thesis, in 2014. Her artistic tendency has received the influence of Colombian masters such as Carlos Jacanamijoy for the vibrant Color, Juan Fernando Polo, in the preference for the human figure, Debbora Arango for his social rebellion and the way to destroy the aesthetic canons of classicism.

Her work received the Bernardo Páramo Award in the Chia Artists' Salon, with the theme: The Kidnapped and Displaced Woman. One of her interests has been the promotion of women’s rights, the resignation of women’s bodies, and the respect and equal opportunities for people with physical and cognitive diversity.

Isa has managed to find a form of expression and personal fulfillment, through painting, with which she can communicate the seen world she feels, through the sensitivity of her being, whose language is risky and forceful. Addressing the most elusive, oscillating, subtle, and silent emotions. Women and men who have been recovered from the forgotten archive of social memory and who breathe again in each canvas, line, and color, to ask ourselves, as subjects of the same collectivity, the reason for our methodical indifference.

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